Proposal of “horizontal condominium” as an innovative model of participatory governance based on sharing a common vision together with the main stakeholders


The “Horizontal Condominium” is a form of participatory governance to foster the implementation process of low-carbon mobility plans, focusing on mixed-use peripheral roads often suffering from traffic jams, to the point of becoming wounds in the connectivity of the wider city, and even creating elements of social exclusion.

All the key local stakeholders are invited to constitute such a participatory entity to share a common vision and to find and agree on concrete solutions for their roads.

Method tools

Several events open to the public and surveys through web and street interviews have been conducted. At the local working tables, the following have been involved:

  • 30 business support organisations
  • 10 organizations from interest groups of civil society
  • 5 service providers of infrastructure and services
  • 15 from local authorities
  • and 10 research institutions
Operational model

Traffic jams and high congestion in recent years have resulted in many trade and business activities moving away from the areas served by the road.

Against this trend, the  Municipality of Treviso, thanks to the REMEDIO project and MED funds, is now widening its area of intervention towards the Sustainable Mobility profile of the axis: it has understood that sharing a new common vision for the axis, together with its main trade, could be successful leverage for reversing this process and to start a re-qualification of the urban area.


Monitoring & implementation

This participatory governance approach needs constant dialogue with the community involved in order to enlarge the initiatives to other strategic stakeholders that might join this vision of a unique “Horizontal Condominium”.

The leverage to engage operators should be in terms of incentives for energy saving, promotion of renewable energy sources or for actions promoting a more sustainable mobility profile of the area or in housing renewal and building refurbishment.