As part of the REMEDIO project, the public bike-sharing system of Treviso (Italy), previously mainly developed in the historical city center of Treviso, has been further expanded with 9 stations along the peripheral West Road, the pilot area that REMEDIO project would like to transform in a Horizontal Condominium.

Tags: Bike-sharing system, Urban mobility, Intermodality

  • Traffic congestion (especially during the winter season)
  • Air and noise pollution 
  • Social exclusion of peripheral communities of middle sized urban areas
  • Ownership of urban community of a peripheral area to the city
  • Improve the environmental conditions.
  • Promote bicycle as an alternative to private cars and buses.
  • Provide a soft mobility service to the communities leaving and travelling along the West Road
  • Increase ownership of urban community of a peripheral area to the city
  • Improving healthy life style thanks to active mobility

In the city of Treviso, the bike sharing service (TvBike) has been activated since 2010. At the beginning, it was realized through a co-financing by the Veneto Region and the Ministry of the Environment. In 2010 it had 14 stations and 108 docking columns. Later, in 2014, it was upgraded with investments by the Municipality and Ministry of the Environment, reaching 22 stations and 228 docking columns.

Thanks to the MED REMEDIO project, in 2018 the system was further expanded with 9 stations with 72 docking columns along West Road, reaching a total of:

  • 31 stations
  • 300 docking columns
  • 135 bicycles

Objective: Extension of the urban bike-sharing system 

Case study: Treviso, Italy

Time dimension: Permanent solution

 Methodology: The "Horizontal Condominium"

 Partner responsible: Municipality of Treviso

 Execution date: 2018 | Website: TvBike


In Treviso, the commercial and business profile of the West pilot road is very strong and so an association joining 12 champions of the local business reality have been founded with the aim of stimulating a lobbying activity and shared ideas for the renewal and valorisation of the road towards a lower carbon profile, not only on mobility aspects but also in energy profile.



TvBike extension in West Road started on 10th November 2018 and the bike use in the first 4 months was the following:

  • 10th November – 31st December 2018: 73 bikes used
  • 1st January – 13th March 2019: 125 bikes used 

Each bike used means a car journey that was not done!

  • In work (text to be added)