As part of the REMEDIO project, a public bike-sharing system has been installed in the City of Split (Croatia), in order to reduce traffic congestions and improve the environmental conditions.

Tags: Bike-sharing system, Urban mobility

  • Traffic congestion (especially during the summer season)
  • Air and noise pollution 
  • Lack of intermodal ways of transport
  • Geographical and spatial limitations of the City
  • Reduce the use of private cars and other motorized vehicles
  • Improve the environmental conditions
  • Promote bicycle as an alternative to private cars and buses
  • Provide better service to multiply users
Project description

In the City of Split, a public bike-sharing system has been implemented through a mixed scheme of electric and classic bicycles. The new bikes are distributed among eight electric station terminals in the city.

The City of Split conducted a joint public procurement process in cooperation with the city’s utility company “Split Parking”, as a partner in implementation and management of the bike sharing system. 

The implementation of the public bike-sharing system will reduce traffic congestions, especially during summer touristic season, and will improve the environmental conditions, constituting itself as a clear alternative to classic motorized vehicles.

Finally, the activity has also served to increase awareness about using low carbon transport mobility alternatives.

Objective: Implementation of the public bike system in the City of Split

Case study: Split, Croatia

Time dimension: Permanent solution

Methodology: The "Horizontal Condominium"

Partner responsible: City of Split

Execution date: 2019 | Website: NextBike


Main results of the action on low carbon

In Split the intervention is in a greater area surrounding the historical city centre, where many commuters arrive to work or study every day. For this community, the City of Split has been implementing a collaboration with local parking service providers in order to maintain the new settled e-bike sharing network financed by REMEDIO funds.

This Public Bike System consists in a mix of electric and classic bicycles, placed in eight locations in the city. The city of Split's joint public procurement process, worked in cooperation with the City’s Utility company “Split Parking”, as a partner in implementation and future management of the System. The preparatory works were delayed because of circumstances regarding the necessary electro-energy and field preparations and permits. The opening of the fully operational Public Bike System was done in 11th July 2019

The public bicycle system will have an impact in reduction of traffic congestion and therefore the reduction of the CO2 emission. It will also have a certain impact on the spatial planning of the city of Split, especially in building the new cycling paths, in order to make the public bicycles more efficient as an alternative mode of transport.

This will also have a great impact on both the city of Split’s tourist offer and reduction of the increased traffic congestion, especially during the summer season.



The hope is that, thanks to the implementation of the public bike system analysis, traffic congestion in the City would be reduced. Also, the Public Bike System would be an alternative to the classic motorized vehicles in order to reduce CO2 emissions.



  • It is important to continue increasing awareness of target groups of citizens to use the alternative low carbon mobility solutions