One Pilot Area was selected in each city. The selected pilot areas and their description are presented bellow.



West Road has a total area of 3.86 km2, respectively, divided into 3.11 km2 in the Treviso municipal area and 0.75 km2 in the Villorba municipal area. West Road (a road with about 5 km long that runs through the portion of the communal territory situated in the north of the center of Treviso, North-East direction, South-West) is located in a predominantly sub-flat morphology. West Road is a well-known place in Treviso, symbol of the expansion over the historical walls of a busy city, that has known periods of high economic growth rates and industrial and commercial development. The road was built at the end of the 50’s to meet mainly two specific requirements: firstly, the increasing needs for growth and expansion of existing craft and commercial activities within the walls and just outside them, to migrate in an undeveloped area able to satisfy the high demands of available space; and secondly, the need of a road access in the east-west direction, combining in this way the main radial constituted by S.S. 13 Pontebbana to the east, to the S.R. 348 Feltrina, S.R. 245 Castellana and S.R. 515 Noalese, in the west side.
Moscavide is an old Portuguese parish of the city of Loures. Since 2013, it is part of the new Union of Parishes of Moscavide and Portela. Located in the southeast of the city, the parish of Moscavide is bordered by Sacavém, to the north, Portela to the west, Santa Maria dos Olivais, to the south (parish that belongs to the city of Lisbon), and also to the river Tagus in the east side. The parish of Moscavide and Portela has an area of 1.66 km² and 21 891 inhabitants (in 2011). The parish of Moscavide and Portela is quite well equipped with infrastructures providing accessibility and also with public transports connecting to the cities of Lisbon and Loures. These infrastructures delimitate and surround the locality, creating a non-formal structure similar to a closed system. Moscavide clearly differs from the surrounding areas because it has kept a community sense of "neighborhood", still having strong commercial and traditional services.
The selected area includes the main street of Vas. Olgas from its beginning (Cleaning Worksite of Municipality of Kalamaria) till its end, at the point that meets the street Man. Andronikou (YMCA). The total length of the selected streets is close to 6.5 km.
The pilot-area has an area of 21 km² and is surrounded by a larger area (58 km²). In the pilot-area there is around 94% of residential population.