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Il Corriere Veneto - Treviso

Yesterday (17th May 2018) was started the construction site, of REMEDIO project, which will lead, by September, to the realization of 9 bike sharing stations available to the inhabitants of Treviso and tourists. One of the busiest roads in the city, 5.5 km long, overlooked by a thousand professional, commercial and industrial activities. The idea is to bring them together in an association that can create a single entity to dialogue with the institutions, encourage virtuous behavior, reduce consumption and transform this horizontal condominium into a model path for energy sustainability. The idea is to create a non-profit association that brings companies together to turn their busy road into an efficient and A class road.

Il Gazzettino - Treviso

Yesterday, 17th of May 2018, works began of the installation of 9 bike-sharing stations along the west road. The initiative is part of the program of REMEDIO project, entirely funded by the EC. It is an ambitious project that aims to create a new governance, economic and energy, in a very busy road. In other words, think the road as a "horizontal condominium". 

La Tribuna - Treviso

The bike sharing expands to reach the West road. Works began on the 17th of May 2018, of the installation of nine bike stations that will become points of interchange for car-bike traffic to reach the historic center. Moreover, the existing bike sharing system is strengthened becoming the third city in Europe for the diffusion of bike sharing system.

So we want to make West road greener, less polluted and more energy efficient.

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