“We Have Redesigned the Road Together Again” - Local Closing event of REMEDIO at Thessaloniki, Greece

The Local Closing event of REMEDIO project entitled “We Have Redesigned the Road Together Again and promoted by MDAT was held on 29th October 2019 at the Macedonia Pallas Hotel (Thessaloniki, Greece). During the event, plans and strategies that were developed during the implementation of the REMEDIO project were presented, as well, the local scenario as an integrated solution for the city of Thessaloniki.

The closing event presented the results of the interdisciplinary collaboration of stakeholders (including the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Institute for Sustainable Mobility Transport and Networks of the National Research and Technology Research Center) for the Redesigining of a major urban axis in a way that will not divide the city but create a coherent linear neighborhood. Solutions for redistributing public space, as components of a repeatable application model to other urban axes, were introduced to promote sustainable mobility, upgrade the microclimate of neighborhoods, exploit open gardens and adopt innovative actions.

The meeting ended with a “Round” discussion where the representatives of MDAT SA, CERTH, AUTH, Municipality of Kalamaria, and Municipality of Thessaloniki agreed and commit themselves to promote the implementation of the Integrated Axis redesign project that emerged through participatory planning consultations under REMEDIO project. The steps towards achieving this vision require more precise identification of funding requirements for the implementation of the Axis redevelopment projects aimed at sustainable urban redesign and to solve the congestion of the Thessaloniki East Horizon traffic problem.

Among the participants, different entities were present: AUTH, egnatia odos S.A., ThePta, Oasth, MDAT, Municipality of Thessaloniki and Kalamaria, GR TIMES (local press), Life events (local press), experts, Ministry of Interiors (branch Macedonia-Thraki).