REMEDIO in Loures InSS

REMEDIO participated in environmental eductaional activities

Loures InSS was a fair for the Innovation, Society and Sustentability that was held in Parque da Cidade, Loures, Portugal, from 2nd to 5th June 2017.

Download the Agenda.

Portuguese partners – IST and CMLoures – were responsible for two different stands where each presented their works.

In IST stand three European projects ClimACT, LIFE Index-Air and REMEDIO were represented and was visited by more than 500 students and by the Loures inhabitants, in a total of 1500 visitors. The stand was also visited by the Secretary of State for the Environment and by the President of Loures Municipality, which showed a great interest in all works performed by IST’ project team.

In the stand from CMLoures several inhabitants visited and saw the REMEDIO roll up. Here, all participants were invited to fullfil a questionnaire about their needs and inquired regarding the topics of the project:

  • Mobility
  • Environment
  • Sustentability

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REMEDIO participated in environmental eductaional activities