Student Environmental Conference on Sustainable City

REMEDIO participated on the Student Environmental Conference on Sustainable City

Student Environmental Conference on Sustainable City - Thessaloniki


The Environmental Education Center of Eleftherios Kordelio and Vertiskos, in cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki (Directorate of Urban Environmental Management - Department of Environmental Actions), implements for the 6th time the Student Environmental Conference on Sustainable City, within the educational network entitled "Sustainable City, the city as a field of training for sustainability "that coordinates. Gymnasium and Lyceum students from different cities or neighborhoods of the same city, along with their teachers and representatives of the Municipal Authority or active citizens' organizations, discuss issues related to their city, exchange views, ideas, collaborate, and suggest ideas and actions inspired by the perception of the active citizen, on Friday April 20, 2018, from 9.00 to 13.30, in Thessaloniki's City Hall.


This year (2018), representatives of the services of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (Department of Greening, Urban Resilience Office, Sustainable Mobility Directorate, Tourism Development Admiralty, E-Government Directorate), Metropolitan Development of Thessaloniki, as well as organizations, associations and initiatives of active citizens of the city such as Topi, the Panhellenic Association of Teachers for Environmental Education (Branch of Macedonia), the Neighborhood of Alexandros Svolou, the Panhellenic Association of People with vision problems  -Regional Association K. Macedonia, The Cycling Sports Association of Thessaloniki, the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities (, the Panhellenic Association of Paraplegic Annex Macedonia - Thrace, the Youthnest and Forestry Thessaloniki etc.


with cooperation of  (as partners of REMEDIO project) participated in the table n. 5 titled “If I could change the road ... / We re-designing, the road together!