Science Fair in Seville

REMEDIO Project is being part of the Science Fair in Seville

The European Projects ClimACT and Remedio is being part of the Science Fair for the low-carbon economy and sustainability awareness dissemination


Different Universities, Institutions and educational centers from Southwestern Europe are involved in the Interreg SUDOE Projects ClimACT and REMEDIO, which will be presented in the Science Fair in order to disseminate their goals related to the low-carbon economy and sustainability issues.


Seville; May 2nd2019: Members of the University of Seville, from the Higher Technical School of Engineering and the Higher Technical School of Architecture participate in the organization of the Feria de la Ciencia(Science Fair), which will take place in Seville during the days 3rd, 4thand 5thof May, with the contribution of the Interreg SUDOE Projects ClimACT and Remedio, which analyze topics such as transport, waste, energy consumption, air quality and how they affect our lives, in order to provide solutions.


This is an educational and cultural event organized by Sociedad Andaluza para la Divulgación de la Ciencia(Andalusian Society for the Science Dissemination), Fundación Descubre(Descubre Institution) and Centro del Profesorado de Sevilla (Seville Teacher Center). Its aim is the creation of a space suitable for the exchange, dissemination and communication of scientific knowledge, dedicated to school students. Professors from different Universities and staff from various research centers and innovative companies are involved as well in the event. The development of this event intends to reach the following goals:

-      Foster the dissemination and social communication of science.

-      Dynamization of science teaching, implying active and investigative methodologies.

-      Contribution to the development of scientific vocations with the direct contact of active researchers.

-      Promotion of the innovative and enterprising attitude among the school community. 


The objective with the participation of both European Research Projects ClimACT and Remedio is to disseminate all the research work done in the framework of these projects and make all this knowledge more accessible to young students. During the entire length of the Fair, students will have the opportunity of learning the meaning of sustainable transport while discovering what low-carbon economy is and how it can be applied in their daily routine. Different activities are planned in order to have a positive result from the Fair: workshops for the construction of solar cars with photovoltaic technology, interactive quiz competitions with audiovisual material support and exhibitions of different research projects related to ClimACT and Remedio.