REMEDIO @ Scientific Conference of the project PANACEA (Greece)

Prof. Melas presented the project REMEDIO in the scientific conference of the project PANACEA that took place in Herakleion (Greece) on 23th and 24th September 2019.

The conference was organized by the University of Crete in the framework of the project PANACEA cofounded by EU and Greek funds.

The project PANACEA addresses the need for monitoring of atmospheric composition, climate change and related natural hazards in South Europe (with more  emphasis on Eastern Mediterranean) and for providing tailored services to crucial economy sectors that are affected by air pollution and climate change, such as public health, agriculture/food security, tourism, shipping and energy/renewables.

This conference was the opportunity to Prof. Melas to present a poster entitled "Environmental analisys in traffic-congested roads using an Integrated Modelling Tool", which focused on the developments and results of REMEDIO, with more emphasis on the modeling activities of the project.

Check the REMEDIO poster here!

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Integrated Modelling Tool (IMT)? 

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