MDTA represented REMEDIO Project in 82nd TIF-HELEXPO

The contribution of TIF-HELEXPO is reflected not only in its exhibition performance, but also in the growth of the Greek economy.

In recent decades, the Greek economy has been consistently supported and aided by TIF-HELEXPO, not only at the level of exhibitions, but also through the numerous investment and commercial transactions held during or behind the scenes of its events. One of the main extroversion ‘vehicles’ of TIF-HELEXPO is the September General Fair, which is more mature and integrated than ever this year, during its 82nd iteration. Over 260,000 visitors graced the 82nd TIF, based on the latest statistics.


MDAT was present two days in TIF, Friday 15th of September, from 18:00-20:00 and Saturday 16th from 19:00-21:00. The first day was invited in the TV100 stand and the second day, in the stand of Municipality of Thessaloniki these hours were dedicated to the MDAT and its projects. The first day, the main objective was to inform the citizens about the on-line questionnaire that will ask for their view about the ‘REMEDIO” pilot axis, its problems and rank possible solutions. The second day REMEDIO project and its interventions in Thessaloniki have been presented by Mr Kalogirou C. (CEO OF MDAT) and volunteers where present with tablets assisting the general public that lives, work or moving though the axis to fill the questionnaire. Moreover, leaflets of the project were present in the stand both days in order to inform the public about “REMEDIO project”. 

On 15th of Septemeber Mr Klaogirou and the expert working for MDAT Mrs Giannakou where present in a show in the channel TV100, a local channel (responsible for the communication of “REMEDIO” project), to discuss about the project and the designed ‘REMEDIO” interventions in Thessaloniki pilot area.