Workshop under REMEDIO Project

The methodologies City at eye Level…..and Placemaking……Theory, Tools, Experiences, Case study: Their implementation in the East Horizontal Axis of Thessaloniki




The current introductory training would like to take the key-learnings of the REMEDIO program in Thessaloniki and the other partner cities, and examine them through the lens of Placemaking and the City at Eye Level approach and methodology.

The added values of the training to the REMEDIO project are:

  1. the introduction to the co-creative analysis and action-planning procedure of the Eye Level Game for streets,

  2. the introduction to the Placemaking approach, which involves the activation and engagement of all relevant stakeholders (city, institutions, community, etc) around public space, and

  3. the introduction to the key-elements of Street- and Place-Management processes that can be built around places, like streets (day-today-management, funding, etc.).

All insights will be transferred through the presentation and discussion upon real case-study examples, while participants will be involved in a learn-by-doing introduction process to the approach and tools. 


Be aware that the maximum participations will be 35. If you are interested to participate on the event or have any doubt do not hesitate to contact the organizer through the follow e-mails: or

The registration will close at 15th May 2018. 



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