Why and how?

The REMEDIO project addresses the challenge of high density areas surrounding city centres with commercial and directional roads (roads within business areas) often suffering from traffic jams and including elements of additional economic crisis and even social exclusion, to the point of becoming wounds in the connectivity to the wider city area.


The Horizontal Condominium in REMEDIO

One of the territorial challenges for many middle sized cities and towns in the Mediterranean area is traffic congestion.

REMEDIO addresses the urban mobility issues focusing not on the city centres, as most of the past initiatives have done in many historical urban areas, but on the urban peripheries.

In these high density areas surrounding the city centres, usually there are commercial and directional roads often suffering from traffic jam to the point of becoming wounds in the connectivity of the wide spread city and elements of additional economic crisis and even social exclusion.

By an innovative approach that is based on a strong participative approach and it is tested in 4 pilot cities, REMEDIO proposes to transform the congested roads into "horizontal condominiuns", forms of participatory governance that actively engage institutions, stakeholders and citizens and with which the Municipality directly interact to improve multi-modal and low carbon mobility, freight logistics and environmental quality.

The testing case are in Treviso, a middle town in North East Italy 30 km far from Venice, Loures in Portugal a satellite town of Lisbon, Split in Croatia and Thessaloniki in Greece.

Focusing in different peculiarities of each cited cities, the local REMEDIO partnership, bringing together scientific competences and territorial authorities, have settled down a framework for this participative entity.

To transform a high congested road in a horizontal condominium is first of all a question of developing a narrative and to adopt a new vision for the road of the future:

Which is the road I would like to live in / work in / shopping / going to school / walking and cycling?

These are some of the questions explicitly or implicity posed to the communities graviting along the 4 pilot roads.

Each of the cited pilot area have found their better path to enter in direct contact with their communities.