ReMod Urban Axis

ReMod Urban Axis: Participatory Redesign Model  and Methodological Guide for accelerating integrated multi-modal and low carbon mobility solutions 



Using the REMEDIO project overall methodology together with other EU and international experiences and good practices, a Redesign Model for accelerating integrated urban solutions has been produced.

The ReMod Urban Axis Model is the synthesis of the REMEDIO system and methodology in order to provide standard tools and mobility solutions for participatory redesign of urban traffic in Mediterranean cities. The model has been developed in such a way as to provide an easily understood system for the users.

The Methodological Guide aims to support the transferability of the Model, the knowledge sharing and the capitalisation of the project results. ReMod Model’s primary aim is to satisfy four fundamental objectives:

ü  To ensure the capitalization of knowledge gained through REMEDIO project and the transferability of knowledge

ü  To enhance model’s users’ understanding of the representative system

ü  To facilitate efficient transferability of the model’s components between various stakeholders

ü  To provide a flexible toolkit and pool of solutions and ideas that can be recombined in different ways according the needs 

Contents and structure of the Methodological Guide: The Methodological Guide is a multi-page manual explaining the model and providing a toolkit of solutions. The Methodological Guide’s analytical content is as follows:

       Presentation of the model development produced by the synthesis of Remedio methodology  and input of international Good Practices 

       The Guide manual – The implementation manual of the Model including a toolkit of solutions and a implementation Roadmap in the fields:

ü  Urban analysis methods and indicators’ adaptation

ü  Participatory governance for urban mobility solutions

ü  Community building - networking at local level / local

ü  Participatory planning / planning tools in various planning levels

ü  Promotion and engagement

ü  Monitoring and evaluation

       Index I: International good practices for integrated solutions in redesigning urban axes

       Index II: MoUs and Agreements templates to commit actors in the integrated solutions