Final Proposal for the upgrade of the axis

The final proposal includes:

A proposal for the redesign of the axis, that

ü  increases the visibility and separation of the bus lane

ü  introduces a 2-way, bicycle path of 2,5 meters width

ü  serves taxis, waste collection and loading and unloading needs along the axis

ü  increases parking spaces (and introduces parking spaces for the disabled)

ü  extends the existing pavement and reduces the length of pedestrian crossings by up to 30%


And proposals for the upgrade of Public Transport and infrastructures (technological and physical) of the axis, that include

ü  introduction of electromobility in public buses

ü  construction of smart bus stops

ü  bus priority in traffic signals

ü  improvement of pavement material quality

ü  installment of surveillance systems and development of an immediate intervention mechanism

ü  use of the bus lane in emergency situations