Analysis of current traffic situation along the Thessaloniki axis

Regarding the simulation of the Low Carbon mobility Solution (LCS) of Thessaloniki referring to the ‘Upgrade of an urban axis with a 2nd generation bus lane’, as a first step the current traffic situation has been analyzed and assessed with the use of microsimulation modelling.



Data regarding the axis’ road sections and intersections (i.e. geometry, direction, slope, number, width and use of lanes, capacity, max allowed speed, on street parking, pedestrians' crossings, traffic control, etc), the Public Transport serving the axis (i.e. bus stops, bus lines, routes, timetables, etc.) and the vehicle types and characteristics passing by the axis, have been collected and with the use of AIMSUN software a microsimulation model has been set up.




The model has been loaded with trip Origin-Destination (O-D) data from the available macrosimulation model of the Metropolitan area of Thessaloniki and calibrated with traffic data that were available for the city (that took place in the framework of the SUMP of the municipality of Thessaloniki development) as well with traffic counts measurements that took place specifically for the needs of REMEDIOThe results of the microsimulation analysis identified critical issues along the axis and assisted in identifying the re-design goals to be considered.