Feasibility analysis & mobility and environmental indicators

This activity constitute a preparation phaso of pilot activities that includes the analysis of existing constrains to local implementation of low carbon mobility solutions and the selection of relevant mobility and environmental indicators.

Instituto Superior Técnico

Deliverable 3.2.1

Fine-tuning of the integrated modeling tool and validation in the test city of Treviso

This activity will be responsible for the integration in the tool of the various modules with algoritms to calculate energy transport efficiency, air pollution, carbon footprint, health and noise impact, freight streamlining and other performance indexex for urban road connectivity.

Regional Agency for Environment Protection in Veneto Region


Simulation of low carbon mobility solutions in 4 pilot urban areas

The aim of this activity is to define a set od present and future mobility and environmental settings scenarios in urban areas.

University of Seville


Integrated tool and low carbon mobility solutions assessment

This activity aims to evaluate the processes, techniques, models and methods.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Will start at May 2018

Participative governance for "horizontal condominium"

Under this activity intends to tranfer know-how among different solutions of participatory governance appointed in each pilot-area.

Municipality of Treviso


List of Activities:

     - Process of the development of the proposal for the upgrade of the axis

      -Analysis of the current traffic situation along the Thessaloniki axis

     - Analysis of the functions and land uses along the axis

     - Final Proposal for the upgrade of the axis

     - Traffic noise measuring campaign in Thessaloniki, Greece



     - Environmental monitoring campaign in Treviso for testing the Integrated Modelling Tool