REMEDIO is a Testing project developed in 3 steps.



1. Territorial partners implement soft actions on low carbon mobility solutions solutions (SUMP in Treviso, Split and Loures, Bike sharing Network in Spit and Treviso; bicycle parking areas in Loures, bus rapid transit, multi modal public transport optimizations, green-taxiway, safety road infrastructure for bus stops in Thessaloniki);
2. Scientific partners jointly implement an Integrated Modelling Tool to assess the present and future scenarios road performance in terms of energy and freight transport efficiency, noise impact, air pollution, cost & health effects;
 3. The city communities are engaged in testing an operational path towards participatory governance such as “horizontal condominiums” or “road contracts” that should lead to higher environmental and mobility performances.
 REMEDIO Project has 2 transversal and 2 technical Works-Packages (WP). The table bellow presents the main activities of each WP.


Project Management

Project Communication



Lead Partner

ARPA Veneto

Instituto Superior Técnico

Municipality of Treviso

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Contact Person

Francesca Linguori

Marina Almeida-Silva

Paolo Pierobon

Charikleia Meleti



1st November 2016 – 30th April 2019

1st November 2016 – 30th April 2019

1st November 2016 – 31st October 2018

1st April 2017 – 30th April 2019


Administrative and financial management of the project/coordination of the partnership

1) Development of communication and/or dissemination activities.


2) Collaborate with the Programme Communication.


3) Participation at COM&CAP events.


4) Network activities and Awareness Campaigns endorsed to stakeholders and citizens.


1) Development of a tool that will integrate different modules: energy transport efficiency; air pollution emissions and concentrations; carbon footprint; health impact; freight streamlining; monetary costs and other specific environmental and mobility performance indexes.


2) Definition of low carbon mobility solutions.


3) Participatory governance events and assemblies organized in each pilot urban area.

1) Participatory governance model to foster urban low carbon transport solutions.


2) Development and creation of protocols/MoU for the implementation of identified model of participatory governance.

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